Practice Life

Daily rituals are at the heart of a balanced lifestyle.

My personalized offerings in Ayurveda and yoga will support you in creating sustainable rituals no matter where you are in your holistic health journey.

Ayurveda & yoga can help support:

  • Digestion
  • Skin conditions
  • Healthy habits to prevent illness
  • Sleep
  • Pain and injuries
  • Reconnecting to nature and circadian rhythms
  • Anxiety, depression, mood, and energy
  • Building confidence in the kitchen
  • Finding ways to feel good in your body through movement and self-care
  • Hormonal imbalances, pre/post-natal care, pregnancy, menstrual imbalances and infertility, menopause
  • Other transitions in life, work, or relationships


online community

The Space

deeper inquiry and community support for life on the middle path

paid monthly membership

  • Monthly community  gatherings for open discussion and conversation (meetings will be recorded and shared)
  • Monthly recipe
  • Weekly writings to inspire for reflection and self-inquiry 
  • Discounts on special events and workshops
  • Access to the BeNourished Community
  • $28/month

BeNourished Community

monthly offerings and community forum 

free to all

  • Monthly email newsletter
  • Monthly guest conversation
  • Access to the community forum for questions, answers, and discussion on all things yoga and Ayurveda

mid-summer rest & reset

july 14-18 2022

Sense-Care is Self-Care

Ayurvedic Mind-Body Healing Through the Senses

a 5-part, self-paced course


” I greatly appreciate Jennifer’s thoroughness and willingness to explain the different processes as well as her reasoning for each suggestion she makes.  I am able to be extremely open about my feelings and bodily functions! Any questions I have are welcome, and contemplated over deeply. I feel seen, heard, and understood.  Not only does Jennifer offer her own suggestions, but I also feel she is sharing the knowledge, so that I can learn to trust my body, and develop the instincts to heal myself!” 

—Justine J.

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old medical science born in India.

It’s also the science of life, meaning its approach to medicine is more about ensuring you have a full, juicy, balanced life rather than simply one free of uncomfortable symptoms or disease.
I first came to Ayurveda as a last-ditch effort to resolve chronic digestion issues that made my doctors (yes, plural) scratch their heads. But that doesn’t mean you have to feel unwell to start living the Ayurveda way. The elegance of the system comes from its prioritization of maintaining health and preventing disease, through daily routines that suit your individual needs. No matter how you’re feeling yesterday, today, or tomorrow, Ayurveda has a way to make sense of it, and many ways to ensure you’re feeling like the best version of you.
Because of its inherently personalized approach to health, the best way to begin is through one-on-one consultations. I am currently accepting new clients for virtual sessions.
To learn more about how we can work together, schedule a FREE 30-minute information session:

“Jennifer is a skilled listener and gentle guide to the world of Ayurveda. I enjoyed our consultation and continue to refer to the detailed letter she provided, containing suggestions and resources for further research. I have used her recommendations to make a number of adjustments to my diet and lifestyle, all to good effect. I left both of our sessions feeling renewed and empowered by our work together. It was a pleasure.”
—Holly S.


Yoga means union.

Integrating yoga into all aspects of my life is at the core of my teaching philosophy.

Beginning a practice of yoga is a life-changing step toward improving your physical, mental, and physical well-being. As a multi-faceted discipline, yoga incorporates not only physical postures (or asanas), but myriad tools to direct the instabilities of the mind through breath work, meditation, and chanting. Each one of us has different needs, so the forms of yoga we choose to practice will be as unique as our beautiful souls. And each time we step into our practice—whether it’s on or off the mat—we have an opportunity to learn more about ourselves at the deepest levels, and honor the wisdom of the teacher within. As the sister science to yoga, Ayurveda is interwoven into all of my teachings, as a way to respect the energetic qualities of the time of year and the group of people in the class.

Contact me to discuss your intentions for practice.

The flow

video library

$28 for 28 Days • Auto renews • Cancel anytime

Home Practice

You are your own greatest teacher. My Coming Home to Self Home Practice Series teaches you how to create a well-rounded yoga sequence that’s personalized to your needs.

Free video resources to deepen home practice. Incorporates the five elements for balance inside and out.

Yoga + Ayurveda

Known as the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda incorporates many yogic techniques—asana, pranayama, and meditation—in its medicine bag for creating balance in mind, body, and spirit. I incorporate Ayurveda into all of my teachings, as a way to respect the energetic qualities of the time of year and the group of people in the class.

Ayurvedic Yoga Bundles

Embody the concepts of Root & Nourish with yoga practices to support digestion, mental health, and hormonal balance.

4 Full Length Classes per Bundle • $15 Each

Hormonal Imbalance
Mental Health
Home Practice


Quality over Quantity.

Ensuring that what we put in and on our bodies is of the highest quality is essential to a healthy lifestyle. I’m scrupulous about buying wellness products from brands and companies that source and prepare their materials with concern for ethical treatment of the land and people involved in their making. Please find links to my favorite sources below.

Props for Home Yoga Practice

  • Jade Harmony yoga mats—non-synthetic, soft, and great grip; one tree planted for every mat
  • Manduka yoga blocks—dense recycled foam that doesn’t flake or easily dent
  • Mexican yoga blankets—sturdy enough to use as props without distracting patterns
  • Yoga Tune-Up massage therapy balls—knead away tension with these dense rubber balls for deeply restorative self-care


Tell the story of your life.

As a seasoned publishing professional with over a decade of experience, I offer a variety of services to support the path of bringing your story into the world through writing:

  • Manuscript evaluations, developmental editing, and line editing
  • Book proposal consultations, editing, and writing
  • Co-writing and ghost writing

I also work with select organizations, brands, websites, and other media to create:

  • Workshops, courses, and other educational content for topics in holistic health, including Ayurveda, self-care, daily routines and healthy habits, seasonal eating, and yoga
  • Blogs, research, and other writing on topics in holistic health
  • Whole-food, plant-based recipes

Contact me to discuss your project.






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