Sense-Care is Self-Care

Sense-Care is Self-Care

Ayurvedic Mind-Body Healing Through the Senses

The modern “self-care” movement has revolutionized how mainstream culture thinks about well-being in the past decade. However, self-care has ancient roots, and is integral to the ancient healing art of Ayurveda. Unlike the spa experiences, expensive skin care, and escapist retreats that we associate with self-care in our modern times, however, Ayurveda approaches self-care from a much more accessible place: your own senses. 

According to Ayurveda, we engage with the world primarily through our senses: sound, touch, sight, taste, and smell. Not only do our senses take in information that helps us understand our place in the world, but they allow us to experience the existence of the five elements in us—the Ayurvedic principle that we are microcosms of the macrocosm. In this way, our senses help us to feel a sense of belonging in the home of our bodies and in the world at large. When we pay attention to our senses through daily routines, our diet, and lifestyle, we’re better able to notice when imbalances are beginning to accumulate in our systems, and, better still, prevent them. 

Why explore sense-care? 

  • Practice rest and nourishment for free and anytime 
  • Step away from the distraction, pressure, and judgment of the modern materialist “self-care” industry
  • Personalize a daily hygiene and mindfulness routine to support body, mind, and spirit
  • Support chronic, seasonal, and acute imbalances in digestion, sleep, energy, mood, stress, and more
  • Integrate life, work, and rest in a balanced, but not rigid, way
  • Improve relationships and communication with family, friends, coworkers—by starting with yourself
  • Restore your connection to the natural world and your circadian rhythm 
  • Connect with a higher sense of purpose, acceptance, and belonging 


In each of the program’s five modules, one for each sense/element, you’ll learn about how Ayurveda defines the function and processes performed by each element and its corresponding sensory activity in our bodies. We’ll dive into three common imbalances (affecting body, mind, and spirit) with a root cause in that element, and receive a recipe, sense-care practice, and 30-minute yoga practice (including meditation and pranayama) to help bring balance to that element. Through this holistic presentation of how to care for our senses from the inside and out, you’ll come away with a personalized set of practices to support you through all the seasons of the year, and of your life. 

The modules are designed to work together in a sequence, the way that the elements in nature build on each other, but you can also pick and choose individual modules to curate a sense-care routine that’s most relevant to you. They are completely self-paced and can be started and resumed at any time. You will have access to the module videos for 1 year after purchase, and all supplemental materials will be downloadable to keep forever. 


What you get

Each module includes:

  • Introductory video to sense-care 
  • Introductory video the sense / element and 3 featured imbalances
  • PDF recipe for each imbalance (3 total)
  • Video and PDF instructions of sense-care practice for each imbalance (3 total)
  • Video 30-minute yoga/pranayama/meditation practice for each imbalance (3 total)

→ 9 ways to support your senses inside and out! 


Individual modules: $108

Bundle all 5 modules: $500


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Module 1: Space / Sound

Gas and bloating 

Distraction, attention disorders, and brain fog

Grief and loneliness


Module 2: Air / Touch

Dryness—skin, hair, nails, internal and external


Anxious feelings and restlessness


Module 3: Fire / Sight

Inflamed digestion (loose stools, IBS, Crohn’s)

Migraines and headaches

Burn out

Module 4: Water / Taste

Sinus infections, mucus, and congestion 

Maintaining healthy habits

Dependent relationships, emotional clinging, and grudges


Module 5: Earth / Smell

Emotional eating and healthy weight

Chronic fatigue and excessive sleep

Depressive feelings, lack of motivation

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