Midsummer Rest & Reset 2023

Midsummer Rest & Reset 2023

July 20-24, 2023

*Save 15% when you register by July 7*


I don’t do cleanses. And yet, my body—the miraculous thing that it is—is always cleansing all on its own, through the natural processes of detoxification and digestion it’s been designed to do to stay alive. In Ayurveda, facilitating the process of cleansing ideally happens on a daily basis, through mindful eating and daily sense-care, which leaves us feeling energized, rested, and enthusiastic for life. But given the many ways our world may not be ideal, sometimes we need a little help when the undigested parts of life start to accumulate. 

Traditionally, Ayurvedic resets take place at the juncture of the seasons, called ṛtu sandhi in Sanskrit. Fall and spring (September/October and March/April, roughly) are the most common and potent seasons for resetting, but we also have seasons of our lives that deserve the same care and attention. 

The summer season (dominated by pitta dosha) can be overwhelming in different ways. On the one hand, there is an often welcome cultural opportunity to take a break from responsibilities—work, school, etc.—which is quite in line with the Ayurvedic perspective on how to balance pitta, which peaks this time of year. On the other hand, the pressure to “make the most” of summer can add intensity to this season of rest and leisure, exacerbating the qualities of pitta.

In addition, many of the foods and activities we gravitate toward during our vacations—irregular eating habits and poor food combinations, alcohol (and its non-alcoholic friend, kombucha), travel, and unpredictable schedules—all stand to aggravate pitta as well as vata, which happens also to be accumulating in the background, as the sun dries out our bodies and minds.

When we aren’t mindful of how these qualities are affecting us inside and out, we might find ourselves suffering from indigestion, moodiness, fatigue, and more, as well as setting the stage for a more difficult transition into the vata time of year come fall. 

In my ongoing study and practice of Ayurveda, something I’ve come to appreciate is how the doshas of the year offer support in not only what will balance them but also how. Pitta is the dosha of clarity, confidence, and pragmatism, and I find that this time of year it’s easiest to know exactly how to modify my routines to support the change in season—not only because my mind “knows,” but because my body is very clear in its cravings and aversions, and not heeding them produces just as clear a message of dissatisfaction. Hungry: must eat. Hot: must drink water or immerse in pool/shower/freezer door.

Perhaps you are doing these things naturally; and if so, good for you! Still, it can be useful to set aside time and space to honor those messages and offer yourself a true period of respite from the busyness of summer, or the often-needed, rarely received “vacation from the vacation:—hence the MidSummer Rest & Reset. 

Join me this July for an abbreviated, but potent, seasonal reset, where we will focus on protecting and building our agni, our digestive fire, which is lowest this time of year, so we have the strength to do all the things we desire this summer—as well as realize the pleasures and benefits of doing less.

We’ll gather in community to share a simplified diet and stress management rituals, including yoga, meditation, and sense-care, which you can participate in live or schedule on your own time if travels take you off the grid or into another time zone. You’ll come away with tools for deep relaxation and nourishment that you can turn to in any seasonal transition of your life. Together, we will practice letting go of what no longer serves us and returning to a place in our bodies that feels like home. 


  • 3 live zoom sessions (orientation, yoga, and closing) led by Jennifer—join live or self-paced; recordings will be provided and available for replay until September 1
  • Curated recipes, ingredient lists, and resources for the main reset and pitta season
  • Daily meditations, sense-care exercises, and prompts for reflection
  • Online group conversation and sharing


  • Imbalances and sensitivities in your digestion, appetite, and/or elimination
  • Irregular or insufficient sleep
  • Swings, dips, or spikes in mood and energy throughout the day
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Seasonal depression or anxiety
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Pain, aches, or stiffness in the muscles and joints
  • Loneliness and longing for connection
  • Difficulty concentrating, keeping to a schedule, or completing tasks
  • Lack of inspiration or confidence in cooking and meal prep


Day 0: Preparation

Begin simplification of diet and lifestyle to ready your body for rest

Day 1: Orientation

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Live zoom call, 1-2 PM EDT

Welcome, introductions, intention setting/mini-moon circle, and program review

Days 2-5: Deep Nourishment

Friday, July 21 – Monday, July 24, 2022

Simplified diet of congee, soups, and/or kitchari for 3 days (recipes and ingredient lists will be provided)

Grounding sense-care rituals and mental reset

Day 4: Clear the Channels

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Live online yoga class, 10-11 AM EDT

Gentle yoga with pranayama, meditation, and reflection to experience the support of the earth and space elements that balance pitta 

Day 5: Transition & Closing

Monday, July 24, 2023

Live zoom call, 1-2 PM EDT

Closing our reset journey in community, reflections and sharing, tips on integration of Ayurvedic principles and tools for the rest of the season—and beyond


Midsummer Rest & Reset program: $108

Early bird discount: Save 15% ($91.80) when you register by July 7




Life is hard—if the financial commitment for the Reset is a burden for you, email jennifer@jenniferkurdyla.com to discuss payment options; no questions asked and no one will be turned away.

Got questions? Email me to determine if the reset is right for you! jennifer@jenniferkurdyla.com






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