Bridging Ancient Wisdom and Modern Wellness in “Root & Nourish”

Bridging Ancient Wisdom and Modern Wellness in “Root & Nourish”

Our culture does not have very strong support when it comes to spiritual and emotional health, which has shifted a bit since COVID but still needs a good amount of work. Everyone has a different relationship to these areas of their life, and if someone has a spiritual practice or tradition I encourage them to continue on that path and seek guidance and reassurance however feels familiar to them. If someone does not already have a spiritual practice, the best way to experience it is by spending time in nature. There, we are able to connect to the “macrocosm” of our being—to experience the elements and doshas on a grander scale, and to feel both humble and integrated into the system at large. To me, that is the essence of spirituality, whether you call it God or nothing at all.

I was delighted to share an interview with Mystic Mag about how Ayurveda shaped the recipes in Root & Nourish, as well as my general practice. Read the full Q&A here!







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