Humble Bumble Meditation (Sixth Chakra)

Humble Bumble Meditation (Sixth Chakra)


This meditation is geared toward honing your intuition (Sixth Chakra, or Third Eye) by combining internal focus with external expansion, like a bumble bee on its flight to collect nectar.  

Begin with a few rounds of Bhramari, or buzzing bee, Pranayama. To practice, take a regular breath in and out to ground and center. Inhale, then on your exhalation keep your lips closed and gently hum to yourself. Let the buzzing resonate inside of your head, mouth, and throat. Be luxurious with your exhalation, like a bee floating through thick August air. Practice 3-5 rounds, and close with one normal inhalation and exhalation.

When you’re ready to meditate, come to a well-supported seat, or lay down in Savasana. Release the weight of your body into the floor or your props, and recall the feeling of the buzzing bee breath in your head and throat. Allow the vibrations to fill your body and lighten you at the same time. Focus your awareness on your third eye point, or sixth chakra, between your eyebrows. 

Imagine yourself now as a humble bumble bee, buzzing through a lush garden on that warm summer day. As you fly out of your hive, see your intention in your mind’s eye at your third eye point—trust that the intricate dance of your nectar-collecting flight has been imprinted in your being. Your body sees the way without needing to look, carried by the current of the air and your buzzing wings.

Landing on your first flower, allow the soft petals to receive your delicate feet. The supple skin of the flower is like a warm hug from your beloved, welcoming you in. Your body cushioned by the buoyant bud, yet stable by the stalk rooted to the ground.

Your intention aligned with the flower’s, you sip a stream of sweet, golden nectar. Your insides are coated with sticky-sweet, honey breath. As you’re filled with the flower’s life-giving energy, your outsides effortlessly collect another gift—pollen, which crumbles into your fuzzy torso. You are one with the flower, inside and out.

Soon you’re on your way again, letting your wings take you to the next stop on your flight. Flower by flower, you fill up with the nectar you set out to collect, the nectar for your hive and home that will be concentrated into precious honey. Each sip you take adds another layer inside and outside, another layer of nectar that you’ll take back home, another layer of pollen that will spread the flowers’ seeds farther and wider than your wings can carry you.  

As you begin to head back to the hive, look down at the sprawling garden below. Riding the vibrations of your buzzing breath, take in the splendor your intuitive dance gives rise to. As you fly, feel held and welcomed by every flower, every petal you see, perhaps even those you don’t see but still feel connected to, your presence blossoming far and wide. Feel welcomed by the air and sky around you that holds you up in flight. The garden of the universe beckons for you to come home to it. Humble bumble, at once a tiny speck in the sky and the entire sky, buzzing everywhere and all at once.

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