Spring 2023 Rest & Reset

Spring 2023 Rest & Reset

April 14-23, 2023


*Please note the revised schedule as of 4/4/23*

I don’t do cleanses.

And yet, my body—the miraculous thing that it is—is always cleansing all on its own, through the natural processes of detoxification and digestion it’s designed to do to stay alive. In Ayurveda, facilitating the process of cleansing ideally happens on a daily basis, through mindful eating and sense-care, which leaves us feeling energized, rested, and enthusiastic for life. But given the many ways our world and lives may not be ideal, sometimes we need a little help when the undigested parts of life start to accumulate. 

Traditionally, Ayurvedic resets take place at the juncture of the seasons, called rtu sandhi in Sanskrit. Fall and spring (September/October and March/April, roughly) are the most common and potent seasons for resetting, as the whiplash-like change of doshas can make our bodies more susceptible to disease, just like the joints in our bodies are more easily injured because they are so mobile. 

The Spring Transition

The spring transition, where we move from vata seasoan to kapha season, is incredibly hard for many bodies. Here’s a snapshot of what’s going on: all winter, we’ve been doing the good work of balancing vata with heavy, dense, sweet foods (i.e., all the foods that build kapha). During the winter itself, that extra kapha is protective, even necessary against the harsh, cold winds of vata. But as it builds, it solidifies in the body like a stick of butter. Around February, when the environment starts to heat up and we’ve saturated ourselves with kapha, that butter starts to melt and we enter kapha season, where all that stored kapha comes to the surface and wants to be expelled. We see the snow melting, but we also see mucus, allergies, and a general sense of sluggishness and heaviness in the body—signs that it’s time to lighten things up, make space for the kapha to clear, and come out of our winter hibernation with a feeling of having been spring-cleaned from the inside-out.

The Freedom in Letting Go of Control

There are a lot of programs on the market that will tell you you need a “cleanse” (for your biome, your liver, your skin, etc.) in order to get rid of the kind of gunk that built up in the winter. Such cleanses might involve expensive (and often disgusting) meal kits, supplements, and protocols that are not enjoyable in the moment and make you feel gross afterward. (I know, I’ve done them!) But I have a secret for you—the best cleanse is absolutely free, and couldn’t be easier. The best cleanse is simply rest. 

Unlike modern cleanses, where manipulation and control of the body is the name of the game, an Ayurvedic seasonal reset taps into the natural wisdom of the body to create balance within your unique system as well as within the macrocosm of our environment. I provide 10 days’ worth of a loose, customizable set of suggestions for a simplified diet, nourishing sense-care activities, yoga, and invitations for self-reflection, through which you get the opportunity to visit with your heart and decide, with agency and compassion, what would truly feed your system in this moment. When we gain facility to make those moment-to-moment adjustments to our routines, working with the flow of nature rather than trying to control it, we find ourselves more resilient to life’s ups and downs. We can resolve every day, in every breath, to love ourselves unconditionally, which is Ayurveda’s secret to longevity, beauty, and peace.

Hence my focus of these seasonal Ayurvedic programs—not adding or stressing the body with more difficult things to digest, but only to observe what’s not necessary and put those things on pause for a few days. Removing the daily assault of stressors in our diet and lifestyles will naturally allow the body to process and remove the excess kapha (or any other dosa you’re working with) all on its own. Imagine going to bed and waking up to a completely clean house—this is the magic of what your body can do, when you give it enough space to remember and execute its functions. Mother nature doesn’t need any prodding for the sun to stay longer in the sky, for the snowdrops and crocuses to pop out of the earth, for the birds to start rehearsing their songs. You are part of nature, and those cycles are in you, too.

Join me this April for a Spring Rest & Reset that, I’ll confess, I personally need and would love to have your support in community. After these 10 days, you’ll come away with tools for deep relaxation and nourishment that you can turn to in any seasonal transition of your life. Together, we will practice letting go of what no longer serves us and returning to a place in our bodies that feels like home. 


  • 3 live zoom sessions (orientation, yoga, and closing) led by Jennifer (recordings will be provided and available for replay until May 1)
  • Beautifully designed materials with recipes, daily prompts for self-study, and written and video/audio instructions for sense-care and mindfulness rituals 
  • Curated resources for buying your ingredients and products
  • Special seasonal practices to support new beginnings and emotional and mental clarity


  • Imbalances and sensitivities in your digestion, appetite, and/or elimination
  • Irregular or insufficient sleep
  • Swings, dips, or spikes in mood and energy throughout the day
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Seasonal depression or anxiety
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Pain, aches, or stiffness in the muscles and joints
  • Loneliness and longing for connection
  • Difficulty concentrating, keeping to a schedule, or completing tasks
  • Lack of inspiration or confidence in cooking and meal prep


Day 1: Orientation & Preparation

Friday, April 14

Live zoom call, 4-5 PM EST

Welcome, introductions, intention setting, and program review

Days 1-3: Preparation

Friday, April 14-Sunday, April 16

Reduction of dietary and lifestyle stimulants to prepare your body for rest

Days 4-8: Deep Nourishment

Monday, April 17-Friday, April 21

Simplified diet of congee, soups, and/or kitchari for 5 days (recipes and ingredient lists will be provided)

Grounding sense-care rituals 

Low-tech days (optional)

Day 2: Clear the Channels

Saturday, April 15

Live online yoga class, 4-5 pm ET

Gentle yoga with pranayama, meditation, and reflection 

Days 9-10: Integration

Saturday, April 22-Sunday, April 23

Gradually returning to normal activities and foods, integrating tools of self-awareness

Integration Prep & Closing Circle

Friday, April 21

Live zoom call, 4-5 PM EST

Closing our reset journey in community, reflections and sharing



Spring Rest & Reset program: $250

Early bird pricing: save 15% with code SRR23 at checkout—valid until Friday, March 24 at midnight ET

Life is hard—if the financial commitment for the Reset is a burden for you, email jennifer@jenniferkurdyla.com to discuss payment options; no questions asked and no one will be turned away.

Got questions? Email me to determine if the reset is right for you! jennifer@jenniferkurdyla.com



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