Spring 2022 Rest & Reset

Spring 2022 Rest & Reset

MARCH 31-APRIL 14, 2021

I don’t do cleanses. And yet, my body—the miraculous thing that it is—is always cleansing all on its own, through the natural processes of detoxification and digestion it’s been designed to do to stay alive. In Ayurveda, facilitating the process of cleansing ideally happens on a daily basis, through mindful eating and daily sense-care, which leaves us feeling energized, rested, and enthusiastic for life. But given the many ways our world and lives many not be ideal, sometimes we need a little help when the undigested parts of life start to accumulate. 

The juncture of the seasons, called rtu sandhi in Sanskrit, is an excellent time to take stock of your health and give your natural detoxification processes some extra attention. We do this in a way that may seem different from modern “cleanses,” which encourage restriction, guilt, and deprivation; rather, we give our bodies the space and rest they need to hear their inner wisdom, and resume the work of digesting they were born knowing how to do. With the help of simple but deeply nourishing foods and rituals, we can protect ourselves from stressors while simultaneously building up our immunity.

The transition between winter (vata season) and spring (kapha season) can be particularly challenging for many people. Because these two doshas have mostly opposite qualities, their juxtaposition can create a kind of whiplash inside the body; on top of that, in many geographies the arrival of “spring” can take several weeks, with extreme shifts between high and low temperatures, humidity, rain, and more (vata hangs on tight to the very end with its erratic movements!). There’s also the crucial role of emotions during this time. As we move into kapha season, the rise in the water element—our emotional container—can create an influx of feelings from irritation, anger, sadness, depression, and restlessness. Our liver is the organ responsible for the “free and easy” flow of emotions, but if this vital digestive organ can be taxed and astringed due to various stressors—heavy foods, poor sleep, alcohol, etc.—those emotions can get pent up inside rather than flowing through and out, creating a feeling of being ready to burst at any moment that affects us mentally and physically.   

It is during periods of change, especially abrupt change like a shift in weather/season (or an ongoing pandemic), that we are most vulnerable to disease entering in from the outside. But when we shore up our inner reserves of vitality, or ojas, we can feel more prepared to handle the transition of any season—in the climate or in our individual lives. 

This season, you can join me and a select group of fellow mindful-livers for a two-week long community Rest & Reset program. Together, we will go through the three stages of a classical Ayurvedic reset, modified to do safely at home, and share our experiences and reflections around letting go of what no longer serves us and returning to a place in our bodies that feels like home. 


  • 4 live zoom sessions (orientation, cooking demo, yoga, and closing) led by Jennifer (recordings will be provided and available for replay until May 30)
  • Beautiful handouts with recipes
  • Daily meditation, journaling, and sense-care prompts and rituals, including videos 
  • Curated resources for buying your ingredients and products
  • Private online forum for ongoing conversation (not on social media)
  • Option to add a one-on-one health consultation with Jennifer to personalize your reset experience


  • Imbalances and sensitivities in your digestion, appetite, and/or elimination
  • Irregular or insufficient sleep
  • Swings, dips, or spikes in mood and energy throughout the day
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Seasonal depression or anxiety
  • Hormonal imbalances, including menstrual irregularities and menopausal symptoms
  • Pain, aches, or stiffness in the muscles and joints
  • Loneliness and longing for connection
  • Difficulty concentrating, keeping to a schedule, or completing tasks
  • Lack of inspiration or confidence in cooking and meal prep


Day 1: Orientation

Thursday, March 31

Live zoom call 7-8 PM EST

Welcome, introductions, intention setting, and program review

Days 2-7: Preparation 

Friday, April 1-Wednesday April 6

Self-paced reduction of dietary and lifestyle stimulants to ready your body for rest; option to participate 1 to 3 low-tech days during this time

Day 6: Kitchen Medicine

Tuesday, April 5

Live zoom call 6-7 PM EST

Cooking demo and discussion on spices, foods, and other sense-care routines to clear ama and balance vata and kapha

Days 8-12: Deep Nourishment 

Thursday, April 7-Monday, April 11

Simplified diet of congee, soups, and kitchari for 5 days (recommended)

Grounding sense-care rituals 

Day 11: Clear the Channels

Sunday, April 10

Live online yoga class 4-5:30 PM EST

Gentle yoga with pranayama, meditation, and sharing to create conditions of ease, grounding, and openness in the body for physical and emotional elimination

Days 13-15: Integration 

Tuesday, April 12-Thursday, April 14

Gradually incorporating more foods and activities based on your newfound knowledge and experience of balance 

Day 15: Transition

Thursday, April 14

Live zoom call, 7-8 PM EST

Closing our reset journey in community, reflections and sharing, tips on returning to “normal” gradually and with integrity



Rest & Reset program: $250

Register here

Rest & Reset program + one-on-one consultation: $350

Register here

Life is hard, so email jennifer@jenniferkurdyla.com to discuss scholarships and payment options; no questions asked and no one will be turned away.

Got questions? Email me to determine if the reset is right for you

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